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AuroOrchard is a forty-four acre organic farm which started in 1969 with the mission to grow food for Auroville.

AuroOrchard started in 1969 with the vision and blessings of the Mother. It is the oldest, and at forty-four acres, the second-largest farm in Auroville. It supplies Auroville with a diversity of fruits like Coconut, Mango, Ramphal, Jackfruit, Papaya, Pomelo, Lemon, Banana, Pineapple etc., and vegetables like Brinjal, Ladies fingers, Bottle gourd, Cucumber, Pumpkin, Beans, Spinach, salad and eggs and milk. 

We are committed to working on the land without the use of chemicals and finding a solution for integral ways of farming that synthesise ecological and social health with spiritual transformation.

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Learn more about the food you eat! Reconnect with the earth! At AuroOrchard, you will learn about traditional and modern agricultural practices, and about the different crops that grow here.